Ski-Tour Oscar 2 Land on Spitsbergen August 2008

With some special activities with a riverboard.

Looking out over the glacierfront of the Esmarkglacier

On Saterday August 16th 2008 I started a 6 days ski-tour in Oscar 2 Land.
The week before there has been a lot of snowfall, so there should be enough snow also on the lower parts of the glaciers.
Oscar 2 Land is an area with many glaciers and mountains. Last year I visited this area for the first time.
Oscar 2 Land looks like a big city when you are standing on a mountaintop in this area. The glaciers are big roads and the mountains are big houses.
For sure I will come back to this area, so many things to see and to do here.
Enjoy the pictures.

Standing (balancing) on a small ice-block, the 2 black spots just left of me are 2 seals!!

Jumping of the ice-block, 2 seals and the Esmarkglacier at the background.

Going for a "cool" swim.

Swimming towards the glacierfront, one seal is also going for a swim.

One seal is jumping in the water.

The other seal, still laying on the ice-block.

Close-up of the seal.

Starting with ski-touring at 200 meter above sea-level.

Campsite on a small mountain with changing weather.

Sun, Clouds and Mountains.

Camping in totally white.

After 2 days, the weather cleared up.

Looking back to the Ski-trail (with pulk) from the mountaincol.

Walking on air, with Protektorfjellet on the left and Lexfjellet on the right.

Skiing down from the mountaincol with the pulk behind me.

Ski's, snow and mountains.

View over a small glacier lake.

Skiing down on the glacier, making turns with the pulk on good snow.

Looking towards a colourful mountain

Skiing over a small crevasse.

Looking out over Isfjorden.

Back again at the front of the Esmarkglacier

At the end of this trip I skied down quite a long distance over a blue glacier (ice). I filmed a part of this. This very interesting and funny video is placed on this website:     *,
From the mainpage click on "Small video's" and enjoy this amazing video.
The name of this small video: Skiing down over a Blue Glacier.

    * Click here to go to other amazing expeditions.

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