Walking in Oscar 2 Land during August 2007

a 15 days walking trip over glaciers.

I started this trip 2 days after the Spitsbergen White Water Expedition 2007 has ended.
It was not strange that I was a little tired during the first days of this trip. I made this trip together with a German friend, Gerhard. We decided that this should be a vacation trip with no specific goal, just enjoying the Spitsbergen wilderness.
During this 15 days trip we stayed 5 days around/in our tents due to rain, fog or snow. But during the other 10 days we saw a lot of this area. Oscar 2 Land is so diverse that we saw many different landscapes.
Like all the fieldtrips on Spitsbergen you must always count that a Polar Bear could be crossing your way. That's maybe one of the reasons why I see so much during a fieldtrip on Spitsbergen: On Spitsbergen you are always looking around!!!

Below this text many pictures will show up. It gives you a good look how the landscape is in Oscar 2 land. Enjoy the pictures!!

A small boat is bringing us from the ship Polar Girl (in the background) to the shore line.

All the equipment together on the shore line.

Paddling the 2 pulks (sledges) closer to the glacier.

Ice-blocks on the shoreline close at the glacier.

View from campsite 1 to the fjord.

View from campsite 1 to the mountains.

Gerhard walking on the glacier.

Nice viewpoint to make some pictures.

Pitching the tent at camp 2.

View to Camp 2 (right under) from a small mountaintop.

Me, on the small mountaintop close at camp 2.

The steep mountain at camp 2.

a Small glacierriver is streaming down from the mountain.

View from another mountaintop to a fjord.

View towards other mountains.

a Tele view to the heavy glaciated mountain Lexfjellet.

Midnightsun on the mountains above campsite 5.

Drying my leather shoes with hot water bottles and my Neos overboots above the burner.

A small video, of walking with a sledge (pulk) over the blue glacier and through some wet snow, has been made.
This very interesting and funny video is placed on this website:     * www.fjelltours.nl/2010.html,
From the mainpage click on "Small video's" and enjoy this amazing video.
The name of this small video: Walking with a sledge/pulk over a blue glacier.

Nice weather on the glacier.

Taking a break on the glacier.

Walking on the glacier.

Crossing a small glacierriver.

Walking on the glacier with Lexfjellet at the background.

Campsite 6 with nice weather.

Campsite 6 the next morning.

Campsite 6 two days later.

Nice view over a glacierlake.

a Deep glacierriver, Protektorfjellet at the background.

Special rocks at the sea-side under Protektorfjellet.

New snow on the mountains.

Campsite 7, the last campplace.

Drying the equipment.

Looking at Protektorfjellet from the sea-side.

a Nice view during the boattrip back to Longyearbyen.

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